Friday, 5 January 2018

Wot 4 extreme

Hi folks
Worked on fitting the tailplane the slot was a bit tight but carefull sanding sorted it out. Placed a straight edge on the wing seating and alligned the taiplane up for gluing with PVA and CA. Next worked on the fin which was very loose in the slot had to add some 1/32 balsa to the balsa sides and sanded down to a snug fit also had to add about 3mm balsa to the base so it sat on the tailplane for gluing. Glued in place with squares using Epoxy/PVA and CA.
Fitted the rudder servo and powerbox no problems loads of room and rudder fittings (3mm balllinks not supplied clevis).

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Broken Wing said...

Well done NOT fitting the kit supplied clevises - been there - they would fail at some time in the future...
Regards Peter.
PS. As you have a good range of pictures of the build when it’s finished put them into Windows Photostory (free) and it will combine them with text and music if you wish then post on YouTube to help others too.