Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A visit to Solent Sky Museum in Southampton last week

I went with friend Dave Saich who is a full size aircraft buff to the museum where the largest exhibit is a Short Sandringham which was converted from a Short Sunderland and was once owned by actress Maureen O'Hara (now 93) and her husband. There were a number of model aircraft on display as well as full size aircraft and a mock-up of an aeromodelling shop from the 1950's / 60's and earlier. Needless to say I have at least one of the exhibits a Jetex augmenter tube !

We were given to understand that the place is haunted and there has been an investigation lasting one year . see if you can spot the ghost , it's not the first or second pictures.---No prizes given!

A place worth visiting prior to your trip to the Isle of Wight as it is right by the Red Funnel dock and an excellent pub.