Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Real plane crashes into a model.

I hope this link works.
A half-scale remote-control airplane collided with a real aircraft over a Colorado airport last weekend. While there were no injuries, the incident exposed the growing tension between pilots and model aircraft enthusiasts and their ever-larger RC aircraft.

The collision between the real and $8,000, 46% giant-scale remote-control aircraft occurred on August 14th at a small airport in Brighton, C More..olo., outside Denver. As you can see in the video below, the RC plane is hovering above the runway ten to 30 feet from the ground in a vertical position, with spectators nearby. Suddenly, a single-engine biplane goes for a low pass over the runway and splits the RC craft in half. The full-scale aircraft suffered "significant" damage, but was able to land.

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Xmas Lights

Guess what colour the back is ? ...answers on a postcard thanks

C 17E Biplane Conversion

Got a little foam free flight plane and converted it to RC for some indoor flying.
Take a look.

Pick n Mix

Who's the Cook

Sunday was bitter cold - sub-zero yet again in fact - but the usual crew were at the field. - I stayed at home in the warm this time (coward).
Dean took some pictures at the field and when he posted them I noticed a "First Event" that would have gone unnoticed so I have copied Deans original pictures and played about and made sure the incident is blown up out of all peoportion and accompanied with the right and proper music score...

Stunt Plane Loses Wing!


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Still -1c

Just the hardy few,

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Mitch's Jet - Update Shock.

Me & Dave went round to see how Mitch was doing with his BAE Hawk - Thats nearly ready but Mitch is looking beyound that now - I nearly feel flat on my face when I saw what he was up to in the "next Phase" of construction.

Minus One C at the field.

Well how keen are our club members... Minus one C and we still get a fair turn out at our flying field - reason is there is no wind so we grab the time while we can.
Haydon tries out his new heli - nice art work and Jan's doing well with her plane.
Jay's jet is so bright - you can always see it - lucky as it does move a bit fast...
My batteries died in the sub zero temps and had a job to turn the prop....


just got back from the field, was it cold?
As theres no wind might go for some night flying

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For Something Different...

Not a Plane in sight - What - Boats....

The New Trainer

Well folks its "Try it out Time" to see how this baby will go...

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Popped in here today.

IOSSC Need our help

Hi Jan,

As many of your members use our web cam and weathers station, we are hoping your members will support our peoples million lottery bid by voting for us on MONDAY the phone number will be available on the peoples web site, the IOSSC site and on Meridian ITV at 6pm.



Regards and thanks Tim Bell

Please support them and vote. Thanks Jan


Trex 250 SE

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BAE Hawk - Red Arrow.

Mitch's BAE Hawk is nearly finished after a lot of hard work (and money).
The 5" fan unit will soon be ready to be installed within the airframe.
Ran the unit at low throttle on just 6 cells and the video camera could not handle the sound...
On 12 cells this will be some jet...

Will this one Fly...

Short and Sweet - The first flight could also be the same...

In the Garage

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Medway Bonfire Night

Thanks All at Medway for a great time.

Seven Badgers In His Garden...

Badgers Badgers everywhere - not at all scared to be seen - getting quite photogenic - I think one or two may even have a smile...
Mikes garden is looking crowded...

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A Unique View

This is good to watch - Got most of you on camera - even if its only your boots...

Indoor Flying

I had hoped to give a nice classic sound to tonights video but YouTube blanked the music out so its back to my usual music that sends you all to sleep - sorry.
Few came along last night - both young and old (sorry Bernie) and all had a good time.
I hope you enjoy the video - I wonder how many will watch it without going to sleep...

Saturday, 30 October 2010

This is very good

One of the best I have seen - Tank and all.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ref Firework Night Shown Below.

yAkEtY yAk

Event of the year......

Saturday 6th November

Medway Bonfire night.

Subject to the weather
Fun Fly, Comps, Bar B Que,

A fun day all wellcome.

Entry to this spectacular event is
normally a firework or a donation to the Air Ambulance.

More Indoor

Sports Hall