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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Scale Day This Weekend.

Hi all,

Scale Day is set for this Sunday the 28th. Start time 11.45 am.
This is also the day that the Club is to hold our 30th anniversary BBQ.

If the weather is deemed not suitable on Sunday then all shall be moved to the Monday.
So that we can get an idea for the BBQ numbers, can you please email Jan at: and let her know if you will be attending and also if you are bringing family or guests.

After the Scale day competition all other models may be flown.

After work flight had a flew visitors

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

300 Foot Up

Flying With Angels


Wreck restored, well almost!

Cougar almost finished !

Servos installed and rudder and elevator linked up. Kevlar hinges added to elevator . Outstanding works include repair to front leading edge of wing and fixing of repaired aileron. The radio switch front plate is fractured so a replacement switch might be necessary. I am not sure why the switch has an associated socket which I could not remove  to cover the nose of the plane?  Only 9 days since the crash and the Cougar should be airborne soon?

Monday, 22 August 2016

Things can go wrong...

Here you go Simon. I was doing this before it was legal in the UK.
When camera's were rubbish and used tape and were tied to your chest...
See the watch ripped off my wrist flying through the air...
And no matter how careful you are things can go wrong...

More Cougar Progress

Paul's Cougar repair is nearly complete but a slight set back has occurred  as I did not realise that the elevator is not attached to the tail plane with hinges. It is fixed with  purple tape that I had to remove carry out the repair. So I have now fitted some hinges so the repair should still complete by the end of the week?

Friday, 19 August 2016

Do try this at home.

Weston Cougar Repair

Paul's Cougar Repair Progress Report

The thin ply inserts now fitted within the fuselage and some balsa filling has been added together with the jigsaw of bits of balsa recovered. Initial sanding of the front of the fuselage complete but some wood filler needed and final sanding. Rear of fuselage filling will follow.

Pete's Sopwith Pup

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Paul's Cougar-who said it could not be repaired?

Well us old modellers that were brought up on three shillings and nine pence Keil Kraft kits can fix most things made of balsa

  The Cougar was deemed beyond repair so here is a picture so far of the impossible taking place. Only an hour separates the photographs!

sopwith pup

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Age Gone By

I have to say this made me smile when I think I saw Mike @ 3:21.
Honest - looks like him...
A good video of what it was like in days gone by...
Trouble is - I can remember a lot of this!

No Wind Day - Rare.