Thursday, 25 January 2018

Finding the cg for Extreme wot 4

Hi folks
Needed to find approx cg position for ni-cads in the model, set it up on the dining room table (I have a special license for cg setup on the table). Looks like it is ok to place the two main nicads  in the front compartment behind the engine and the other 4.8v ignition nicad to be re-positioned some were else to optimize the cg. Also got a reading on how much it weighs. The cg measurement is measured from the front of the sensor to the inbuilt laser pointer at 175mm which equates to approx 115mm from the L.E.


speedy brit said...

How did i know balancing on 2 fingers wouldn't be an option ;) flying at 1 tomoz (friday ) if u fancy field tests perhaps a maiden ) will arrange a sound meter just in case :)

rcfly said...

Hi speedy Can't make tomorrow I have to work, the model still needs a rx install and setup of surfaces should be complete over weekend. Then a bit of running in couple of tanks of fuel and range checking, then good to go.