Friday, 15 December 2017

Wot 4 Extreme build

Started the build last night. First job was to heatshrink the wings, tail and control surfaces and seal all the edges of the solarfilm, when I opened the box you could see ripples and loose covering. It is rather tedious but I hate covering coming loose because it never sticks back. Then even more tedious is to seal all edges with nail varnish. (yes all edges). I smeared with epoxy the servo covers around the hole for added security.


speedy brit said...

Never thought of using clear nail varnish as fuel proofer! Could have saved a tenner as got endless supply of nail varnish indoors ;) best and only fuelproofer is electric motor upfront ;) think this wend nofly wend so be in the hanger scratching my head on my nooby build.. will post some pix sometime give the lads a larf :)
Have fun Paul :)

Tom Lee said...

Nice blog!

slipperywhenwet said...

Hi, take a look at "photo story
3" it's great for making quick videos and adding text, music to your projects. Mac do a similar.
Long lines of photos push the blog content down, if you could. Keep piccys to a maximum of 3 at a time that would be great.

speedy brit said...

I use power director straight of me phone :)

speedy brit said...

Could also do a photo collage be cool :)
May do that on my next project as i'm sure the lads don't too much of my noody skillz on ere;)