Sunday, 31 December 2017

This is the plane awaiting refurbishment in my garage . This was the fun flyer I have mentioned previously in Speedy Brit's post . It was given to me with a damaged Super Air and another plane that Pete Scanlon repaired and flew:


speedy brit said...

U gonna have sooo many models u won't know which one to fly... ;) can see way u like repairing models i've almost enjoyed my time in me lil shed over the break :) knew if i kept watching u repairing my models some of it would wash off on me ;)

Tom Lee said...

Busy times, Happy New Year!

speedy brit said...

Happy New Year to you guys :)
We actually flew last new years eve no chance this break :( but hay got models in the wings awaiting a lil break in the weather... :) have fun :)