Sunday, 22 January 2017

Foggy sunday


Broken Wing said...

Shame I got there a bit late as the fog had closed in too much to fly once I got the Cougar engine going but still some nice banter.
When I was driving home from the flying field - which was well fogged in when me an Paul left - by the time I got to Minster the sun was out and the fog had gone - till I got near home and it closed in again... strange weather day but good company.

speedy brit said...

Yes was a shame and felt guilty inviting u out to play and not getting a flight in... i had atleast 4 flights with the cougar and few flights close in with my little quad when the mist rolled in.. was strange cleared then rolled back in again. Yes was lovely blue skies in my garden when i got home... sea mist rolled in right over Bartons Point! Yes good banter and good company bita fun for few hours sunday afternoon :) until next time
Have fun Paul :)