Thursday, 15 December 2016

Och Aye the Noo - lovely little field

Happy new Scottish best mate Jock McStrap has given me permission to fly "ma toys" at the top end of his field when I'm up there. Only them wee quiet lectrical ones though, none of them big noisy things ye ken. Well handy when you find out that someone you work with is related to the landowner.
15 minutes from the hotel my firm uses, on the road from Aberdour just before it drops down to Burntisland where our Head office is in Fife. To the right it looks out over the Firth of Forth so very scenic too.
Will give me something to do in the evenings now when I am up there for the longer visits when I have to drive up instead of flying.


speedy brit said...

That will do nicely :) whole field to yourself :) have fun :)

SimonizeP said...

Very amusing write-up. Scotland is bringing out the poet in you. Have fun Jock.