Friday, 26 August 2016


speedy brit said...

Thx 4 filming Peter :)
Yes was ment to be just a hop but didn't open her up as was worried about the big holes in the trench so lost 1/4 of the strip and by the time i hopped i was running out of field and she felt ok so up seemed safer than down ;) finally got to take her up been messing about with her for months n months. Been good learning curve 4 me setting up a model from scratch as still can't work out the model make so no instructions..
Was a fun afternoon good company with Peter thx again for filming Chris and Dean like the new heli u gonna have fun with that :)
Have fun Paul :)

SimonizeP said...

Like a pro Paul! Always say "if it feels right..go for it"
Looks like a nice afternoon for you all.

speedy brit said...

1lb of lead behind the firewall helped a lot ;)
Was a great afternoon hopefully wind will ease for the scale day 2moz :) now how scale is that cap 232 ;) .... ok ok i haven't got anything scale but goodluck may the best man n machine win :)
Have fun :)

tp2fly said...

Nice one Paul