Sunday, 5 June 2016



Broken Wing said...

Great pictures - and as you got up in time this morning you got more pictures than I did so hats off to you Paul.
Neither me or Jan are all with it at the moment after the loss of Harvey...
Times a great healer. Regards Peter

speedy brit said...

Harvey had a great long 17 years and all the great memories will live on in your hearts forever :)
Good to see u both today :)
Was a good turn out soz for some reason i missed out the other 2 cougars soz guys..
Was great to see Simons maiden can clearly see in his face how well it went can even see the reflection of his model in his glasses gleaming as big as his smile well done:) trevors maiden went well as still lives to fly again ;) only pulling your leg trev well done flies great i have video of both maidens may bore the pants off everyone in the week and post some clips.
Peter i know you not having the best time at mo but we need u clubs gonna get fed up with my stand in posts ;) great to see everyone today have fun Paul :)

SimonizeP said...

At last a great weather club day on a Sunday! Very enjoyable. Particularly my P47 maiden.

speedy brit said...

Was worth the wait great maiden perfect landing :)