Friday, 8 May 2015

Maiden noob flight

ventured out beyond the safety of my garden, Maiden flight lil foamie still lives to fly another day. Now i'm back on simulator coz its harder in breeze than Phoenix was letting on! and didnt reset at my feet when i landed though nettles broke the bad landing they are well stinging  ;) U guys make it look so easy great fun though :)


slipperywhenwet said...

Where's the picture?

speedy brit said...

i know i know i'm soz i had a lil flight cam in my pocket but i knew it was tooo windy but had loaded up the car before work as it looked good, had this thing sitting at home for six months lol. Heeded your words about my tricopters and rebuilt them over the winter with lighter and fewer parts they look beta and fly beta thanks :)