Sunday, 6 October 2013

Joe Maidens His New Plane...

Guys - We had a BANSHEE howling at our field yesterday - Must be due to it being near Halloween.


Joe said...

Pete , what a great video bud, had a great day down with you all ( as usual) . Really appreciate you coming over as i know you were up to your eyeballs with your new car.

Mahoosive thanks to Jan for looking after me again (Big Sister lol) the food was Mmm and my poor finger felt better after your pain killers.

Also Dave !! You Star , starting the beasty for me all day long after the 180cc beasty bit my finger LOL You're very patient bud LOL

For those of you intrested in the plane, she probably the last remaining 40% Comp Arf Pitts S12 in the UK and was bought 2nd hand from a guy who simpley didnt know what he was doing and gave the poor old gal a really hard life. Ive spent 6 months on this project and literally stripped all internal framework, undercarrige plates etc and renewed everything making a huge weight saving over the original internals of 1.2 kilos. Also with the advent od 40kilo digital servos i managed another saving 600grammes by halving the number required and less wiring.

This is a fabulous airframe and with the ZDZ 180 rvj as its power plant really is inspirational to fly.

Big thanks again to Dave, Jan and Pete. Love ya loads. Joe

Broken Wing said...

Glad you liked it Joe - always best to get a maiden flight.
Regards Peter