Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hi - It's Joe

Joe came down from Croydon to cheer us all up - he's good at that...


Joe said...

Great to see ya'll again . My Fave club in the land .

Sorry for my accident with the gate,just let me know the cost ! No problems ....

Jan your flying has truley come on leaps and bounds and the next step has to be Night Flying LOL.

Was great to meet all the usual suspect and some unusual ones ( Steve Hummel) great to see ya dude and glad to see the weather didnt get the better of all.

Pete ,thanks for the video,this was my 6th flight in total and 1st time with smoke,but im sure as i get into the groove with this Airframe things will get lower and a bit more Crazy LOL.

For those who are intrested the Airframe is a 3mtr Composite Krill SUKHOI with custom scheme.
Runs 14 High Voltage Servos most of which have 44kg torque. New ZDZ180 rvj twin which produces 19hp ( so whatch ya fingers on start up lol).

Airframe weighs in at 19.2kg dry weight and seriously hauls ass with a Mejzlik 29x12N 3 blade prop.

Love this plane to bits, as i do Bartons . Roll on Summer Time .

Joe xx

Broken Wing said...

Hi Joe & thanks for your comments and its alway great to have you down (and the plane to!)
New plane sure went well and burned up a lot of sky so when its fully run-in it should be even better!!! Pleased to do the video. Regards Peter