Wednesday, 21 November 2012


It's raining outside and I know you guys out there are interested in model railways? My old school mate David Guscott former Surrey Schools footballer and cricketer before he retired worked for the German HF bank and often visited Rheingauz (I think Blue Nunn wine is made there?). As David's son did an electronics degree he became interested in making model railway layouts and the first he and David made won an award. David's son now lives in America so David's wife Iris has had to take over. She is in charge of trucks and David carriages!---You can tell he was a bank manager. If any of you have got this far take a look at this 'Z-gauge' layout,even the boats and barges move and are driven by a chain with magnets set under the water. So far David has produced four award winning layouts,and one was featured in the October 'Continental Modeller' magazine. Unfortunately my video is poor!

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