Sunday, 22 August 2010

The runway was dam wet...

Ok so some of us made it down to the field today - yes it did rain (quite a bit) but we still had some good flights. We got wet. BUT... We had tea. We had bacon / sausage sandwiches followed on with cakes - all cooked in the rain and eaten in the rain. (like being little kids at a party in the garden again). A few quid given by everyone there made for full tums and big "tales" of past flights with feats of airmanship that can only be likened to the best fishermans tales which were ever told... I must add to the latter comment above that big fishermans tales which are told seem to be believed however, in our group anything "fishy" which was said provided howles of laughter and thus we forgot about such things as rain... With a cup of tea in one hand and a bacon sarni in the other we had a great time - even with the occasional river of rain running down one's face it did not deter this little group of very wet nut cases from enjoying this typical British Summers day... Good fun and better than doing nowt.

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