Friday, 6 November 2009

Gatwick Aircraft Museum

The location of the museum is adjacent to the flight path of Gatwick Airport. The day I spent there with Paul Holyhead and his son Harry (Famous for crashing Alistaire's trainer at our 2008 open day) was most enjoyable with model planes on display plus full size military aircraft plus the museum. There are two Avro Shackletons one of which is accessible (See photo), and on occaisions they run up the Griffon engines on this plane but not the jet assist engines. Currently they are bringing an EE lightning up to engine run standards. The museum guides are real aircraft 'buffs' and at least one used to fly in the Shackleton and spent about an hour giving us details of his flying experiences.

There are open days listed on their website plus admission by appointment, tel/ fax 01293 862915 ; mobile 07836 666817 e-mail GPVGAT@AOL.COM Address, Vallance By-Ways,Lowfield Heath Road,charlwood,surrey,RH6 0BT


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