Club Rules

Flying Times: 10am - 8pm Or Dusk Silent Flight is unrestricted from dawn to dusk

1 The Club
The club shall be known as the "Bartons Point Model Flying Club" Hereinafter called The Club

2 Club Rules
The club rules will only be changed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). All club members must receive at least 28 days notice of the proposed changes and of the meeting which seeks to change the rules. An EGM can only be called by a minimum of 4 members

3 The Committee
The Club will be run by a committee whose officers /members shall meet as required. A quorum of four committee members must be present at a committee meeting to make its transactions valid. Committee decisions shall stand until an EGM or the AGM, which ever is the sooner.

4 Election of Officers
The election of officers/members to the committee will take place annually at the AGM. The elected committee will consist of the following: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Members. If a committee member stands down a club member will be co-opted onto the committee to carry out the duties of the officer/member concerned for a period of up to 58 days until the next club meeting, when an election will be held.

5 Membership A prospective member shall complete a membership form and return it to the secretary for consideration at the next club meeting. The applicant will be proposed and a vote taken on granting membership. A majority vote at an Ordinary or General Meeting is required (at least 50% of those members present). The Club Membership will be limited to 100 Senior members with junior total at the discretion of the committee.
All new members will be subject to a 12 months probation period from the date of joining the club.

6 Membership Cards
Members must carry their membership cards with them at all times when flying and will be expected to offer these for inspection by the Swale Borough Council Wardens or any member as proof of their current membership. If you lose your BPMFC or BMA card please contact the Club Secretary immediately for a replacement.

7 Club Fees
Club fees shall be an annual sum set at the AGM and payable on the 1st of the following January. A joining fee shall be payable by senior members only. All fees shall be paid within 30 days of the due date or membership will be deemed to have been terminated and a re-joining fee imposed. The joining fee may be waived for all new members who are in full time education at the discretion of the committee.

8 Affiliated to The British Model Flying Association
The Club will be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and so affiliated all members will be members of the BMFA.

9 Insurance The secretary will ensure that third party insurance is arranged through the BMFA for all Club members. Any excess incurred in the event of a claim against a Club member must be paid by the Club member concerned.

10 Radio Frequency Control
Frequencies will be allocated by the secretary and will be within the bandwidth allocated by the Home Office. A register of the frequencies will be provided. All 35MHz equipment must be FM Members will fly on the allocated frequency only. Before a member switches on his transmitter (anywhere on the site) he must place a numbered disc with his name inscribed, on the peg board and shall display a numbered pennant on his transmitter aerial. A member should always fly on his allocated frequency (channel) but if this is particularly busy it is permissible to use another provided this is in agreement with other members present who normally have that frequency allocated to them.

11 Operation of Models
Models will be flown with strict regard to safety at all times in accordance with the safety code set out in the BMFA Handbook. No member shall operate a model while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Launching of models of any description must be carried out within the boundary of the field allocated to The Club.

12 Silencing of Engines Engines will be adequately silenced. Models judged by a minimum of 3 members to be in excess of an acceptable noise level in the air will be grounded until adequately silenced.

13 Prop Hanging and Hovering.
If there are pilots at the flight line, you must ask for permission from them to perform these manoeuvres and during your flight you must call all of these manoeuvres.
If there is a pilot under instruction at the flight line, prop hanging and hovering is not allowed.

14 Flying Solo.
Before a member is allowed to fly SOLO, they must have taken and passed the BMFA (A) Achievement certificate for their chosen discipline.
Any current members who have passed The Field Solo Test prior to this rule change shall be exempt.

15 Guest Flying.
Visitors who have gained their BMFA (A or B) May fly once they have been made aware of the designated (overfly and no overfly areas).
They must be in possession of valid insurance to fly and abide by the Club Rules.
Nb. Members must be with their guests during the whole period of the visit.
After 3 visits the visitor will be approached or may approach The Club about taking up membership in the usual manner.
The 3 visit rule will be open to discussion and in exceptional circumstances further visits may be allowed at the discretion of the
A committee member must be informed by the member wishing to bring a guest/guests, prior to the visit.

Rule 15a
Public Shows. Members and guests require a BMFA B or above.
Fly-in. Members. Those that have passed the Field Solo Test or hold an A Certificate or above.
Guests. Require a BMFA. A or above.
At these events Pilots, Helpers and or Mechanics shall be briefed before any flying takes place by the appointed Flight Line Director.

16 Spectators.
Spectators accompanying members ie. family and friends will be permitted. They must obey requests from members regarding their personal safety. Adults will be expected to keep children under control at all times when near the flying areas of the day.

17 Flying Area and its Maintenance
Our normal flying pattern involves using some of the airspace over the adjacent grazing land owned by Mr. J. Dixon. He is aware of this situation but doesn't object provided that we do not fly too low over his land when livestock is present. The Club enjoys a good relationship with Mr. Dixon and all members should strive to preserve this. If a model lands in Mr. Dixons field please do not damage the boundary fence, use the gate its padlock uses the same key as the main gate to the field. During recovery keep the gate shut as this may allow dogs to enter the field and worry the livestock. The flying field, car park and surrounding area must be left in a sound, clean and tidy condition. No litter must be left and any member finding litter should remove it. If damage occurs it must be made good by the individual concerned.

18 No Flying Areas
There shall be no flying at any time over The Pits The Car ParkThe Boating Lake The Golf CourseThe Public Events and Kite Flying Field The Catamaran Club Chalet Park Irwin Park

19 Vehicles on Flying Field
No vehicles may be driven onto the flying field except to load or unload models. Vehicles must always be returned to the car park after unloading and they must not be parked on the bank. Vehicles must travel adjacent to the pits and turn at the bottom of the field (No U turns in the pits area)

20 Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are permitted on the flying field BUT MAY NOT be taken onto the flight line.

21 Public Displays
Only BMFA B certificate holders will be permitted to fly radio controlled aircraft as a representative of The Club at public displays in which The Club is participating.

22 Misconduct Misconduct of any kind by a member, will be noted by the committee and the member will be warned. Any further misconduct by that member will be referred to the committee to decide the course of action to be taken against the said member.

23 General Safety
All members should act as safety officers when on the field and speak to anybody who is acting in an irresponsible or dangerous manner ie. outside BMFA and Club rules. Report the incident to a member of the committee.

24 Smoking At Club Meetings
It has been generally agreed that there shall be no smoking at club meetings.

25 Matters Not Covered Elsewhere
In the event of any matter under discussion not being set out in the rules the committee will make a decision which will stand until the next AGM or EGM.

26 To Dissolve The Club Procedure, Entitlement & Action
A In the event of The Club still being unable to fly after a period of 12 months a decision will be taken at an AGM or EGM to dissolve The Club. A vote will be taken and at least 50% of those members present must be in favour of dissolving The Club.
B The total assets of The Club shall be collated and its equipment sold. The total cash will then be shared between qualifying members. Only senior of more than 1 years continuous membership will be eligible. Junior members will not qualify. Each qualifying member will receive 1 share for each continuous year of membership up to a maximum of 10 years. Shares will be added up and the total divided into the total funds available.
C Members will be informed by The Secretary of their entitlement and they will then have 1 week in which to contact The Secretary if they disagree with the amount stated. Any disputes must be supported by written proof. After the allocation of The Club assets according to the aforementioned Procedure the Barton Point Model Flying Club would cease to exist.

27 Children and Vulnerable Adults on Site All children who are either Junior Members of The Club or are accompanying any Senior Member must, at all times while present on our Site, be with and be the responsibility of their parent or legal guardian. Under no circumstances will this responsibility be transferred to The Club or any other Member. For the purpose of this rule children are those under eighteen years of age.The same requirements exist in respect of vulnerable adults.

28 Flying Other Members Aircraft
Any Member who offers his aircraft to be flown by another Member for whatever reason does so at his/her own risk. The owner of the aircraft is to apportion no blame to the pilot for any damage that may be caused to the aircraft. Obviously the pilot must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the flight is safe and without incident ie. check the safety and integrity of the aircraft prior to takeoff. Irrespective of this there is to be no blame apportioned to the pilot or The Club in the event of loss.